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Logo Feira das Formas Animadas

Sea, Maru, tide and the Island that is not


OCTOBER, 13th | 19h

Vila Itororó

60 Maestro Cardim Street Bela Vista, São Paulo

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In a distant village, young Maru is sent by the Council of Elders to investigate a mystery: the inexplicable appearance of a large number of dead marine animals on the beaches of the region. After a long journey, Maru discovers a huge island of plastic garbage in the open sea inhabited by strange beings born from the garbage itself. Upon returning and telling what he saw, the Council of Elders do not believe his story, leading to Maru being called a liar by the village adults. Only the youngest believe his narrative. Maru then decides to join his young friends and travel the world to tell the story of this strange island, using objects and waste found in the sea.

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