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Simon and the Defenders of the Forest


OCTOBER, 12th | 18h

Vila Itororó

60 Maestro Cardim Street Bela Vista, São Paulo

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“Simon and the Defenders of the Forest” is a very interactive show where the audience participates intensely, solving with Simão, all the problems that happen throughout the story, as they find, Dona Dolores, who is going to wash dirty clothes in a spring, harming the springs, a lumberjack cutting down ancient and precious trees, a hunter looking for defenseless animals and prospectors polluting the waters in search of gold. Simão and the children have the essential help of Curupira, Caipora, Iara, Gralha Azul and Mãe do Ouro. It is a cheerful, educational, musical and poetic game that shows people, in a light way, the importance of preserving our natural resources and the need to live in full communion with mother nature.

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